Residential Generator Installation

An Experienced Whole-Home Generator Installation Service Based in Waterford, MI and Serving All of Oakland County

Residential Generator Installation Michigan | American Generators - home(1)A consistent supply of power is no luxury. Given the sheer number of vital functions that rely on electricity, keeping your house plugged in can be a matter of life and death. American Generators provides reliable installation services for a range of generator products, allowing Oakland County families to keep their lights on under any conditions.


The Benefits of a Whole-Home Backup Power Generator

Installing a backup generator for your home has a myriad of benefits, including:

Residential Generator Installation Michigan | American Generators - supplyConstant Communication

Generators let you use the Internet, VoIP devices, and other communication services when the main power is off. This is critical during emergencies.

Residential Generator Installation Michigan | American Generators - climateClimate Control

On a freezing winter night, losing power and being without an operating furnace or electric heat source can be potentially dangerous and hazardous to your health. A backup power generator will give you peace of mind knowing you'll never be stuck in the cold.

Residential Generator Installation Michigan | American Generators - medicalMedical Maintenance

If you or a loved one relies on electrical medical equipment, a generator is crucial to keep that equipment working.

In addition to vital functions, a generator also improves convenience. The more options you have to keep the power on, the easier it is to move around your home and maintain quality of life in any event.

Why Choose American Generators?

American Generators has earned a reputation throughout Oakland County for quality, comprehensive service. In addition to installing new residential generators, we can also provide replacements. This means Michigan families can quickly eschew faulty products or switch to more advanced technology. We will provide quick repair services whenever you report a problem with your generator, as well as troubleshooting to help you address the issue on your own.

Choosing the Right Generator for Your Home

Before each generator installation service, we assess your electrical use patterns, your access to fuel sources, and other key characteristics. We then advise you on the generator that will best serve you throughout the year.

We Install the Leading Brands of Whole-Home Generators

Residential Generator Installation Michigan | American Generators - houseyard2American Generators has experience with all major generator makes and models. We install Cummins, Briggs & Straton, CAT Home & Outdoor, Kohler, and Generac - new units, including both diesel and gas models. No matter your performance and price needs, we have a product that can meet them. After installing a generator, we provide detailed advice on how to care for it, how much power it can safely provide, and how to detect and address problems early on.


Don’t leave your comfort and safety to chance! For more information on installing a residential generator in Oakland County and the surrounding areas, contact American Generators today.

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