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Here at American Generators, we have the generators for any and every situation. We have over 20 years of experience selling, repairing, installing, and maintaining generators for homes and businesses in the greater Michigan area. Our expert team of technicians offers these services for many different brands of natural gas, gasoline, diesel, and biofuel generators so that your home or business can continue to run uninterrupted during a situation that would otherwise close your doors or leave you stuck without power.

In addition to providing you with a quality generator for your home or business, we also can install a generator monitoring device so that we can observe the energy consumption and activity of your standby generator. With the technology today, you can receive a text message or email when your generator kicks into action and you're not home. When it comes to brand-name generators, we only offer you the best out there. Whether it's new or used, you know you're getting quality work with American Generators.

Portable & RV Generator Service

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Whether you're taking a camping trip, attending a tailgate, or going on a road trip, portable generators are invaluable for your RV. Taking your power source with you will provide access to all the conveniences of modern life, no matter where you are or what you are doing. American Generators provides a myriad of mobile power products in Oakland County, allowing you to electrify your RV or other outdoor equipment.

American Generators is committed to maximizing the value that our customers get from their purchases. This means not only providing quality portable generators at affordable prices, but also offering a range of other services to maximize the longevity and effectiveness of those units. Our service team is always ready to troubleshoot, inspect, and repair your generator, allowing you to both address current problems and prevent future ones. We also provide rapid replacements if the generator you have now becomes seriously damaged or obsolete.

Commercial Generator Installation in Michigan

American Generators carries all major brands of commercial generators, and our team has extensive experience installing them. These brands include CAT Home & Outdoor, Cummins, Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, and Generac - new units as well as replacements - Michigan businesses will, therefore, have no trouble obtaining the generators they need for any emergency.

Having a redundant power system is critical for keeping customers happy, employees working, and equipment running smoothly under extreme conditions. Without it, your business is vulnerable to:

Commercial Generator Installation - American Generators Sales And Service - powerSupply Problems

Utilities often struggle to meet their customers' demand, especially in large cities and at times when power use is high. If your provider makes a mistake or the system becomes overloaded, your business could lose power with no warning. A generator will keep your firm running until the problem has been corrected.

Commercial Generator Installation - American Generators Sales And Service - weatherExtreme Weather

Snowstorms, hurricanes, and other natural calamities can knock down power lines, freeze equipment, and deny power to thousands of people. A generator is particularly crucial under these conditions, as you need electricity to insulate your business from the weather.

Choosing the Right Generator for Your Business

We take into account your price range, power needs, fuel sources, and other considerations when installing a generator. Our goal is to provide a backup power source that will meet your full demand without creating any operational issues.

Commercial Generators for Michigan Businesses

A commercial generator is a great backup plan, but even your backup plan can sometimes fail. Virtually all businesses need a constant power supply; interrupt that power even momentarily and customers go elsewhere, workers go home, and equipment becomes useless. That's why American Generators is committed to providing rapid repairs for all commercial generators in Oakland County, Michigan - letting you keep your lights on and business humming no matter what happens to the grid.

The American Generators repair team has extensive experience with all major types of generators. Whether your unit was made by CAT Home & Outdoor, Kohler, Cummins, Briggs & Stratton, or Generac - we have the expertise necessary to restore it to full working order. We work with all major variations of these brands, and can service both diesel and gasoline units.

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