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American Generators Sales & Service is your solution to emergency or unexpected power outage stress. We provide top-quality generators so that you can put your utility power on standby. Our team of expert technicians offers service and installation on many various brands of natural gas, gasoline, diesel, and bi-fuel powered generators all so that your home or business can run uninterrupted during a power outage that would otherwise slow you down.

Contact American Generators today to see our wide selection of generators, both for sale and rent. We exist to help you rest assured and feel safe during a power outage - that's why we only offer the best-known brands and manufacturers when it comes to generators. When it comes to installation, we specialize in standby power, prime power systems, and paralleling generators with redundancy features. So this means you can still enjoy worry-free power outages for less with generators that run on 5kw above.

Commercial & Industrial Generators in Oakland County MI

As the leading provider of generators for our commercial and industrial clients, we offer some of the leading brand name generators. Not only do we provide excellent and professional generator installation, we also are proud to offer you with commercial & industrial generator repair, servicing, and maintenance. Or if your generator is in need of replacement, we can help you out with an affordable pricing structure.

Having a redundant power system is critical for keeping customers happy, employees working, and equipment running smoothly under extreme conditions. Without it, your business is vulnerable to:

Commercial Generator Installation - American Generators Sales And Service - oldOutmoded Equipment

Many grids rely on obsolete electrical equipment that cannot meet modern demand, and thus frequently fail. It takes time to replace such equipment; a generator will keep your lights on while you wait.

Commercial Generator Installation - American Generators Sales And Service - weatherExtreme Weather

Snowstorms, hurricanes, and other natural calamities can knock down power lines, freeze equipment, and deny power to thousands of people. A generator is particularly crucial under these conditions, as you need electricity to insulate your business from the weather.

Choosing the Right Generator for Your Business

We take into account your price range, power needs, fuel sources, and other considerations when installing a generator. Our goal is to provide a backup power source that will meet your full demand without creating any operation issues.

Residential Generator Services

Generators Oakland County MI - American Generators - home

A broken home generator is no laughing matter. If the main power source is already out and you lose the backup as well, your heating and AC won't work, communication will be compromised, and medical equipment will lie dormant. Losing access to any of these functions can threaten your health or even your life, especially under emergency conditions. American Generators provides generator repairs throughout Oakland County, keeping your power on at all times.

The American Generators team does not limit itself to any particular brand of generator, but is happy to service all products that families in Oakland County have used. Our specialists all have experience with both gasoline and diesel engines. They have also studied all the major brands, including Cummins, Briggs Stratton, CAT Home & Outdoor, Kohler, and Generac - Michigan families can rest assured that we will be able to repair their power source.

If you're looking for the best generators in the Oakland County MI area, choose American Generators Sales & Service! Keep your home & business secured today by contacting us to learn more!