How Do Generators Produce Electricity?

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Most people are familiar with electric generators.  In a power outage, or in an area without power sources, generators can provide electricity to homes, businesses, or Recreation Vehicles.  Depending upon the size, the generator can either run a few small home appliances and a few lights, or provide enough power to allow all of the appliances and lights to work in a home or business while the power is out.  While many people are familiar with generators, a much smaller number of people actually understand the science behind the machine and the way electricity is generated.  At American Generators, we take pride in educating our customers to help them to better understand our products.  

Generators use magnets and wires to produce electricity.  Just like a strong magnet can move a small paper clip without even touching it, a magnet in a generator moves electrons within a wire.  This presence of the magnet results in the electrons moving in a steady flow.  This steady flow of electrons is what we use to power our electric devices.  The magnet rotates at a high speed, which results in the electrons moving quickly.   While this explanation might seem rudimentary to some, we simply want our customers to know that generators work by using magnets and wires to push electrons, thus resulting in usable power.

At American Generators, we pride ourselves in helping our customers fully understand and appreciate all of the features of our products.  If you’re looking for a generator, our friendly and expert staff can guide you as you determine which model and style will best suit your home, business, or RV needs.  Our staff is skilled in helping customers determine which generator suits their needs best without overpaying for a model that provides more electricity than necessary.  Contact us today!


Standby Generator Maintenance

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Load Bank Testing

LOAD BANK TESTING - Load bank testing will check your generator's ability to provide the required horsepower needed in a power emergency. We implement this testing to prevent increased oil and fuel consumption and produce maximum energy output.

Transfer Switches

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