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Our skilled technicians would love to service and repair your generators while giving you a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Here are a few of the services you'll appreciate.
  • CONTROLLERS - We skillfully and carefully service and repair your generator controllers to assure quality performance for all of your commercial and residential needs. Controller Replacement or Upgrades are our Specialty! 
    BLOCK HEATERS - Keeping your engine block warm will prevent your oil from becoming too thick in cold temperatures. American Generators will repair or replace your block heater to correct any accelerated wear to prevent any complications when starting your engine.
    RADIATORS - We are proficient in recognizing problems in your coolant system and can protect your generator from damage caused by overheating.
    BATTERIES & BATTERY CHARGERS - Featuring SENS.  Your business relies on having dependable power. American Generators will provide you the best batteries and battery charging equipment available to make sure your equipment starts when you need it the most! Batteries tend to be the most neglected item in a standby generator system.
    EXHAUST AND EMMISION SYSTEMS - American Generators maintains and implements emission control solutions to keep your air as clean as possible. We can service your entire exhaust system to keep your generator operating correctly and efficiently.
    USED EQUIPMENT - As your leader in power generation gear, we offer high-quality used equipment at competitive prices to save you money.
OIL & COOLANT SAMPLING - We provide periodical oil and coolant sampling to ensure top performance and assess any replacement needs.  
FUEL SAMPLING - For diesel generators, we recommend regular fuel sampling and testing as part of our preventative maintenance program to ensure top performance.
FUEL POLISHING - We clean and polish dirty fuel to prevent engine degradation and clogged filters that could lead to a power loss. We also provide fuel treatment for the "Black Death," Algae
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM INSPECTION AND REPAIR - The American Generators Electrical service team can inspect, reassemble, repair, and replace the components of your generator. Most all our Technicians are State of Michigan licensed Journeyman or Master Electricians.  We are a fully licensed, insured and bonded electrical contractor.
  • THERMOGRAPHY - We provide predictive maintenance on your generator and electrical equipment with thermal imaging that detects irregularities in your system not visible to the naked eye. Detecting these problems early can help you avoid a costly system failure.